Recruitment Toolbox

Federal guidelines require the documentation of the faculty recruitment and hiring process. The following forms help fulfill these obligations. Your school and/or college will have specific procedures for meeting these requirements; please check with your local administrator for direction.

  • Hiring DEI Statement - Bias Awareness for Search Committees (.pdf)
  • Job Posting Advertisement Template (.doc)  This is a template that may be used in posting tenure-track faculty position job advertisements. Refer to the Position Advertisement guidelines for additional specifications.
  • Candidate Summary Workbook Template. (.xlsx) This workbook includes a list of all the position candidates, their demographics, and reasons for disqualification. The template also creates an Affirmative Action Checklist (see below) with automatically calculated tallies. The summary is required to support the permanent residency applications of foreign national hires at Georgia Tech. The first sheet/tab of the workbook is the Candidate Summary and the second/tab contains the generated Affirmative Action Form based off of the information included in the Candidate Summary. Edit the form directly in the fields where it is required. Before the final stage of a search, examples of “Lawful reasons why not best qualified” may include:

            *Application received too late
            *Did not complete the hiring process (no show for interview; canceled the interview; interview ended at the request of
candidate; declined full processing)
*Unable to contact applicant (e.g., phone disconnected; no forwarding address; never returned calls)
*Meets minimum requirements, but not most qualified
*Experience is relevant but not scalable (e.g., lack of relevant skills/aptitudes/experience; not enough technical experience,
not enough functional expertise; unable to communicate at the level required for the role)
*Failed background check

  • Search Committee Report Template. (.docx) This memo — which serves as a cover to the Candidate Summary Workbook Template — reports the final decisions of the search committee to the school chair. This document is required to support the permanent residency applications of foreign national hires at Georgia Tech.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Form. (PDF) Request for information from candidates.
  • Affirmative Action Checklist. (PDF) This form is required for most faculty hires and should accompany the hiring package. If the Candidate Summary Report is used, most of the Affirmative Action Checklist is automatically generated.

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