Faculty Governance Elections Upcoming

Faculty members of all levels are wanted to serve on committees as part of Georgia Tech’s Faculty Governance.

Vacancies are currently available on all but one committee. Committees are considered the crux of faculty governance and are where many initiatives and new programs originate. 

“This is representative governance, and to be successful it needs representation,” said President G.P. “Bud” Peterson at the Faculty Senate’s Feb. 14 meeting.

Potential committee members should apply by Friday, Feb. 24. The Faculty Nominations Committee will attempt to honor all requests, but some elections are limited by specific requirements, such as membership in a particular college. Those who are selected by the Faculty Nominations Committee for the final ballot will be notified, and those eventually elected are expected to serve from August 2017 through August 2020. Nominations or suggestions can be submitted to nominations2017@lists.gatech.edu

The faculty committees include:

General Faculty Standing Committees

  • Faculty Benefits
  • Faculty Honors
  • Faculty Status and Grievance
  • Statutes
  • Faculty Services
  • Welfare and Security

Academic Faculty Standing Committees

  • Undergraduate Curriculum (all colleges)
  • Graduate Curriculum (all colleges)
  • Student Regulations
  • Student Academic and Financial Affairs
  • Student Activities
  • Student Grievance and Appeals
  • Student Honor
  • Student Computer Ownership
  • Academic Integrity (no election needed)

For a description of the committees’ work, visit c.gatech.edu/fac-committees.

For More Information Contact

Elena Garcia

Faculty Senate

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