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Getting Started

If relocation has been specified in the offer letter, the faculty member should submit the signed Relocation Repayment Agreement (.doc) to the hiring department. The departmental administrator will then submit the Relocation Initiation Form, and the Office of Faculty Affairs will initiate the relocation process.

For information about self-moves or what is covered under relocation, please refer to the appropriate policy above. In order to move household and office goods using Georgia Tech relocation services, faculty should contact their school/unit administrator to begin the process once an official offer has been accepted.

Relocation Assistance

Beginning July 1, 2018, any offer of relocation assistance will be processed via lump-sum payment, in conjunction with the Employees will be required to sign a Relocation Repayment Agreement (.pdf) and the department will be required to submit a Relocation Lump-Sum Payment form (.pdf). These forms should be submitted to Faculty Affairs through GT-TRACS no later than 10 days prior to payroll running for the month. All lump-sum payments will be paid through a departmental account. For tenured, tenure-track, and research faculty, a commitment to 616 for the lump-sum amount will need to be processed via GT-TRACS.

Please contact your departmental administrator in the hiring unit with any questions about the offer.


Pending Relocations Offered Prior to July 1

Any new tenured or tenure-track faculty member starting on or after July 1, 2018 who have already received an offer letter referencing the old relocation policies will have the option of moving under the old policy or the new lump-sum policy. If the employee chooses to move under the new policy, they will be reimbursed at the new rates outlined in the Guidelines for Faculty Relocation. If the employee chooses to move under the old policies, which can be found in the relocation policy (.pdf) and moving expense policy (.pdf), the process below should be used:

Once a faculty member is ready to initiate the relocation process, a departmental administrator should

After the move, the faculty member should submit receipts to the departmental administrator, who will complete the Relocation Reimbursement Expense Request (.pdf) and the request to Faculty Affairs. Requests should arrive in Faculty Affairs no later than 50 days after the move.


For relocation-related expenditures, reimbursement can be processed once all receipts have been received. To prevent delays in repayment, forms and receipts should be received by Faculty Affairs within 50 days of the move’s completion. The following information will need to be submitted:

  • Completed Relocation Reimbursement Expense Request (.pdf)  
  • GT ID# (the nine-digit number on your BuzzCard)
  • Travel-related receipts such as airplane tickets, lodging, and tolls
  • Mileage map (e.g., MapQuest or Google) of the most direct route (if driving), including total mileage, from the previous residence to the new residence in the Metro Atlanta area

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