Revision of Faculty Evaluation Processes

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Georgia Tech is committed to tenure and the protection of academic freedom, which have been—and remain—fundamental pillars of great universities. In response to October 2021 Board of Regents policy changes that impact faculty evaluation, we have been asked to revise our annual review and post-tenure review processes. For these revisions, Georgia Tech faculty and administrators are working together to ensure that the revised policies protect academic freedom and maintain faculty oversight, and that the post-tenure review process retains peer review as an essential element.  The committee charged with this task will be seeking broad input from the Georgia Tech community, especially from faculty. With a goal of transparency, the committee plans to regularly post updates on this dedicated website and gather feedback as their work unfolds. Finally, it is important to stress that tenure is intact at Georgia Tech. All pre-tenure and tenure-track faculty should have every expectation that we are committed to tenure and that we fully understand its enormous value to our university.  

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